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Jen is 'The Unstickler'

I might be smiling in this picture, but pictures do not necessarily capture what's really going on, do they?

How many of you have had to smile your way through a life crisis? 

I have been surviving in one way or another for most of my life - like the rest of us! Through natural disasters and various adversities, I managed to get this far - only to face a disaster within a disaster in the past several years.

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This last crisis tested everything I had. And having made it through, I knew I wanted to reach a hand out to those who find themselves in the very stickiest of life situations.

A few years ago, I left my home country permanently and now reside overseas, adding a layer of complexity to life.

I hold an Applied Science degree in Public Health and Health Promotion, however it is not my educational knowledge that forms the basis of the system I designed in the Book Series - it is my many (and varied) life experiences that have developed the simple system to try and help you get Unstuck.

I did not write this book series without serious thought. Personal crises can involve some of the toughest challenges possible. However, handling one alone or with your back against the wall may just be the hardest thing you will do. I had to write this series if only in the hopes it could help ONE person.

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